We produce dietary supplements in the form of tablets for swallowing. 

We are able to produce almost any type of supplements based on the recipe entrusted by the customer or using previously developed ready-made recipes.

We offer supplement tablets in round shape: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm diameter or beans 10х20 mm. It allows you to produce tablets with a content of active agent weighing from 10 mg to 1250 mg. 


Swallowing tablets are found in two forms: as uncoated and coated tablets. We offer contract manufacturing in both variants.  We accept orders such as trial batches. We also have the ability to perform regular serial deliveries. 

The automatic tablet press allows us to produce up to 80,000 tablets per hour. We can pack the manufactured tablets in the following containers: 

1) PVC-ALU blisters, for example, 10/20/25/30 tablets in a blister pack of various size. 

2) containers, vials, bottles of different capacity

In both variants we offer our experience in graphic designing.



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89-530 Śliwice
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