Glass ampoules

As one of the few companies on Polish market we are engaged in the packaging of cosmetics, dietary supplements in the form of glass ampoules. 

We produce ampoules of 1 ml and 2 ml, with the possibility of printing the logo on glass or with a label of a client. Sample products in glass ampoules are vitamin blends for hair/skin/hands; extracts; Q10 coenzyme.  Biotin, collagen, etc.


We provide thorough packaging, starting from the filling and closing of ampoules, vial packaging in PVC pressings, and put them together in the final packaging together with an information leaflet.

We accept orders such as trial batches. We also have the ability to perform regular serial deliveries. Glass has a better visual appeal than, for example, plastic packaging. Through the use of glass vials, products longer retain their freshness, vitality and desired properties.

Glass ampoules are resistant to diffusion and adverse effects of external factors, which allows you to bypass the process of degradation of active ingredients in the case of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Glass is a natural and stable material.



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